Think it. Make it. Move it.

Think It.
Make It.
Move It.

We are management, production, and logistics experts.
With our streamlined system, The Madden Method
we bring complex retail promotion programs to market faster and more efficiently than anyone in the business.

We are logistics and production management experts.

Our process is built on a foundation of collaboration, integration, and consolidation. From development and production through fulfillment, we put the power of our logistics expertise to work.

We focus on your deliverables from start to finish and examine the process from all perspectives, delivering the greatest efficiencies for even the most complex programs. By leveraging our decades of retail-specific experience, we replace the traditional “silo” approach with a proven process that benefits all participants.

In this way, we can Think it. Make it. Move it. Improve it.

Madden is a privately held company founded in 1957. Our 350 employees are dedicated specialists in customer service, management, sourcing, production, manufacturing, and distribution. Our facilities are comprised of four sites totaling approximately 650,000 square feet, all located within a few miles of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Our goal with clients is to build strong long-term relationships founded on knowledge of your business and the development, production, and management of your programs. The Madden Method is predicated on a truly collaborative partnership, with a restless curiosity to constantly challenge the status quo.

This is what we do.

Our commitment to individual accountability delivers the most effective, efficient and reliable in-store promotional programs in the industry.

Our integrated solution methodology encompasses:

Collaborative strategy, ideation and development sessions

Planning, production, distribution, installation & maintenance of:

• Temporary Point of Purchase
• Semi-Perm Point of Purchase
• Permanent Point of Purchase
• Promotional Items

Comprehensive field marketing and sales support

Customizable client-facing tools for:

• Planning
• Budgeting
• Ordering
• Tracking
• Customizing

Madden is a solution provider, not just a service provider.

The Madden Method makes a difference in every retail promotion program we manage. Our goal of increasing sales and lowering costs has fostered successful relationships for a range of Fortune 500 clients.

We call our approach the Madden method.

A proprietary approach, combining single-point-of-contact, complete accountability and flawless execution. This streamlined management system provides the most efficient process possible.

Think it. Operational efficiency with an eye on the end deliverable.

We analyze your promotional initiatives from every angle.

DAY 1 PLAN We start with the client, developing a step-by-step promotional plan, considering even the most frequently overlooked details. Our goal is to deliver solutions that minimize costs from start to finish, with our guarantee that deadlines will be met 100% of the time.

CLIENT ALIGN Client collaboration is a crucial element of the Madden Method. Throughout all phases, from ideation to implementation, we align our people, process and technology with your needs. We think this keeps all stakeholders focused on a common objective, with clear definitions of roles and responsibilities.

INSIDE INSIGHT We’re known for our specialized skill-sets. Both our internal and onsite resources are the best in the industry. They will use their knowledge to assess your specific needs, and deliver innovative solutions. This allows you to focus on your core business, and lets us do what we do best—manage your retail promotional supply chain.

Make it. Expertise in internal production, sourcing and client access.

Madden optimizes your production through superior integration of internal and external resources.

VANTAGE POINT uniquely combines state-of-the-art internal production capabilities with a proprietary approach to domestic and global sourcing, to deliver unmatched promotional leverage and clout.

SINGLE CONNECTION guarantees accountability between us, keeping you out of the minutiae inherent in typical multi-vendor production models. We focus on big picture details with a streamlined process that takes tactical execution variables off your desk and puts them on ours.

MY MADDEN DASHBOARD is a robust ordering and customization tool. This secure online environment enables field teams to access, order and customize all of your brands promotional materials. Client-specific rules are generated ensuring production consistency, compliance with brand guidelines and relevance to local markets.

Move it. Fully optimized distribution and retail execution.

Madden focuses on the totality of your promotional programs, and optimizes them from concept to completion. Our proven methodology ensures that you can leverage a truly unique blend of structure and flexibility.

CONSOLIDATION Our understanding of your program strategy and tactics enables implementation of turnkey solutions that take into account all of your in-store marketing requirements. We consistently increase utilization of all materials, reduce labor costs, and decrease waste.

SMART PROFILING We assure marketing and manufacturing accountability by aligning every aspect of your process to the end-users needs. Whether retail, field sales or distributors, we strive to make your promotional materials as fast and easy to receive, transport and implement as possible.

DIFFERENTIATED DISTRIBUTION Our logistics “smarts” guarantee that our clients receive the right stuff, at the right place, at the right time, in the correct versions and quantities.

Madden Client Experience - MillerCoors, R´´y Cointreau, Benjamin Moore, Sears, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, FritoLay, Altria, Midland National Life Insurance Company, North American Company, Ace Hardware, Kraft

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Think It.
Make It.
Move It.

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