is a single point of accountability that synchronizes your brands’ activities.

We understand that the promotional activity at headquarters directly impacts your marketing and merchandising program execution at retail. From the input of multiple brand teams each with their own go to market strategies, timelines and agencies, to managing various retailers, vendors, suppliers and distributors, bringing your marketing programs to life at retail can be complex. With an increased workload and fewer resources to get it all done, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.


Our dedicated Client Services team supports your programs by synchronizing activities, aligning planning and execution calendars, managing suppliers and handling administrative tasks. We integrate our team throughout the promotional supply chain and use workflow management and ordering systems to provide visibility into each program. In turn, you gain a disciplined method and increased efficiency without having to manage the tactical day-to-day. This enables you to focus on strategy, growth and winning. So long complexity!


  • Process Discipline, Management and Coordination
  • Item and Business Process Innovation
  • Supplier Management
  • Issue Resolution
  • Item Design and Testing
  • Inventory Management
  • Budget Tracking
  • Competitive Bidding and PO Management
  • Reporting and Insights



Our Client Services team provides process discipline, manages timelines and suppliers and handles administrative tasks. This enables you to remain focused on brand strategy and growth.

The Madden MethodSM Delivers

Our experience and expertise promise the win.

Our integrated methodology enables clients to have more time to focus on brand strategies and growth opportunities in order to improve efficiency, execution and drive results in-store.

See how Client Services is integrated into The Madden MethodSM.

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