For over 60 years, Madden Communications provided an innovative perspective on managing print and promotional processes. We took bold steps to help our clients think differently about how they managed this aspect of their business. We challenged them to look at the process horizontally, like a supply chain versus vertically, like siloed job shops. We created organizational efficiency that allowed marketers to spend time marketing rather than managing suppliers. We drove salesforce productivity, increasing store calls per day, by shipping displays directly to retail so sales reps didn’t have to schlep them around. We eliminated waste and improved execution by gathering very specific data about sales people and individual stores so we could produce the right stuff in the right quantities and get it to the right place. Our creative studio team blended operational efficiency and discipline with creative expertise and finesse to provide accountability and visibility in the execution of final production files.

Madden was more than a supplier, we became valued, trusted business partners to some of the greatest companies in the country. We were immersed in their value chain, involved at every phase of the retail planning process.

We are happy to say that on August 1, 2019 Madden was sold to InnerWorkings, Inc.,  InnerWorkings’ global platform, coupled with Madden’s creative services and strong logistics capabilities will ensure that our clients will continue to thrive.

We thank all of the hundreds of dedicated employees who served our clients so loyally over the years and who helped Madden create unparalleled solutions. We thank our suppliers for their service and commitment to excellence.  And, we thank all of our customers who allowed us to be their partners throughout the years!

We definitely out lasted the ham!