A story told by Joe Madden

can madden outlast the ham

About the same time I started the business, I noticed a guy opening a little ham and egg place nearby on Clark Street. This owner had a whole ham on display in the window just sitting there. When a customer ordered ham and eggs, he’d go over and slice off some of the ham. If someone came in and ordered a ham sandwich, he’d walk over and slice off a piece, and so on. I realized it was going to take him a little while to go through that entire ham, so I said to myself, “I wonder if I’ll last as long as the ham.” I thought it was a worthy goal to last longer than a ham. Well, a couple of weeks went by and I was still hanging on and so was the ham. A couple of months went by and there it was, that same ham sitting in the window only now it was a bit smaller. Several months later, I encountered the same ham in the window. By this time, it had shrunk even more. From that point on, I made the executive decision to never go into that restaurant and order anything with ham in it! Anyway, he went out of business and I survived the ham.

Let’s get Acquainted

Founded in 1957

Madden got its start offering traditional printing services to a broad range of clients. In the early ‘90s, we strategically and philosophically changed our business plan. The new mission: become our clients’ most valued business partner in the management of their Point-of-Purchase (POP) supply chain. Today, our client base continues to expand and thrive. We currently help manage, produce and distribute effective POP to a wide variety of industries, from beer, wine and spirits to retail to consumer packaged goods.

The Madden Promise

There’s a lot at stake when developing an effective POP or merchandising program. That’s why before Madden even begins working with clients, we make a point to understand their overall business goals. Once we have a clear idea of the client’s goals and target audience, we’re able to deliver on their marketing and merchandising needs. It’s a proven methodology that worked when we started it over 25 years ago, and it still works today. The Madden Promise guarantees a total process improvement that becomes more robust as a client’s engagement with us grows. With our Client Services team at the helm, increased efficiency, vastly improved execution and reduced complexity come together to ensure proven results. Our stake is the Madden Promise. We stand behind what we do every single day.

  1. 1957

    Founded as a traditional printer 108 W. Lake Street Chicago as Madden Duplicating Services

  2. 1958

    John Madden joins Madden Duplicating Services

  3. Madden Marketing Client Western Electric Bell System

    Major clients included Western Electric and Illinois Bell

  4. Madden Duplicating Services becomes madden graphics logo

    Changed name to Madden Graphics

  5. Promotional marketing and merchandising solutions provider madden communications 1970s logo

    Changed name to Madden Communications

  6. 1983

    Purchased Graphic Arts Printing

  7. Kraft Point-of-Purchase POP Marketing Client

    Pioneered Direct to Store business model with Kraft Foods

  8. 1993

    Started Madden Services

  9. Promotional marketing and merchandising solutions provider madden communications 901 Mittel Drive Wood Dale IL Sign

    Moved headquarters to Wood Dale, IL

  10. Madden POP Marketing Client Miller Brewery Logo

    Added Miller Brewing as a client

  11. Madden POP Marketing Client Remy Cointreau

    Added Rémy Cointreau USA as a client

  12. MillerCoors Point-of-Purchase POP Marketing Client

    Won combined MillerCoors JV business

  13. Mikes Hard Lemonade Point-of-Purchase POP Marketing Client

    Added Mike’s Hard Lemonade as a client

  14. 2011

    Launched Beer Utility concept with MillerCoors and Mike’s Hard Lemonade

  15. Madden Communications MillerCoors Promotional Merchandise Supplier Award

    Madden awarded the MillerCoors Supplier of the Year

  16. Pabst Brewing Point-of-Purchase POP Marketing Client

    Added Pabst Brewing as a client

  17. inhaus Studio Services solution madden communications

    Created Studio Services solution

  18. Gambrinus Point-of-Purchase POP Marketing Client

    Added Gambrinus as a client

  19. Deschutes Brewery Point-of-Purchase POP Marketing Client

    Added Deschutes Brewery as a client

  20. Bacardi Rum Point-of-Purchase POP Marketing Client

    Added Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. as a client

  21. Bacardi Rum Point-of-Purchase POP Marketing Client

    Added Bacardi Canada Inc. as a client

  22. 2017

    Added Mast-Jägermeister US as a client

  23. 2017

    Achieved C-TPAT Certification

  24. 2018

    Added Duvel USA as a client

  25. 2018

    Added Firestone Walker Brewing Company as a client

Fostering Relationships

Our goal is to attract and retain the most qualified candidates. People who care about making a difference as much as we do. We foster relationships through company-sponsored activities, workplace improvements and employee recognition.