Bring the Party

Promotional Displays

Some cocktails go better with nighttime. Others like fruity, refreshing BACARDI Grapefruit and Raspberry Rum are made for daytime gatherings.  With so many new products and flavors to choose from, how do you get rum shoppers to bring BACARDI to the party? We began by creating summer-themed and music-based displays. We developed displays that could cross-merchandise BACARDI Grapefruit and Raspberry with daytime party supplies like mixers, cups and suntan lotions.  We also created a karaoke machine display that was sure to be a hit at any summer get together. To reinforce BACARDI Grapefruit and Raspberry are perfect for daytime occasions, we engaged shoppers with samples and simple ideas for their daytime occasion. These strategies helped drive sales and increased visibility, making BACARDI Grapefruit and Raspberry a rum shopper’s top pick.