Blue Moon

Over the Moon

Promotional Marketing

The Blue Moon Brewing Co. got its start in 1995 when a brewmaster decided to get creative with a Belgian white beer using Valencia orange peel. Over 20 years later, the company now offers a collection of flavorful, seasonal and limited-release beers that reflect Blue Moon’s twist on various beer styles. Blue Moon’s ever-growing list of artfully brewed beers prompted them to call on Madden to create a single permanent POP display that could be utilized year round for all of their seasonal and limited-release beers. We developed a display that enabled retailers to change out graphics based on the time of year and seasonal flavors being offered. The display also had a convenient built-in area hidden from shoppers’ view to store graphics when they weren’t being used. Our cost-effective POP piece helped Blue Moon Brewing Co. save 50% over other recommendations and ideas. They were over the moon with the results.