Technology Meets Heritage

Cooler Door TV

With over 450 years of combined brewing heritage, MillerCoors knows what it takes to lead with quality beer. They assigned us a project – come up with a cool way to engage convenience store shoppers and inspire them to select Miller Lite, America’s original light beer. Since convenience store shoppers typically only spend 11 seconds at the cooler door when making their beverage choice, it was imperative to create a hot idea. That’s when “Cooler TV” entered the picture. Cooler TV is a digital monitor attached to a cooler door that’s GPS-enabled and connected to a centralized system to update content on demand to stay ahead of the competition. It’s utilized to grab the convenient shopper’s attention with messaging such as “Grab the Original”. Thanks to the installation of Cooler TV, we helped MillerCoors confirm placement and track store sales, which led to a 6% increase in Miller Lite sales – pretty cool indeed!