The Madden Method Studio Services

Studio Services

translates agency art to fit the retail environment

You work hard to build your brands. The last thing you want is your brand to be compromised or diluted as it goes through each stage of a promotional program’s life cycle. However, when you have a number of hand-offs from multiple agencies and vendors, it can be difficult to maintain brand integrity. With so many moving parts and challenges like tracking job status, timelines and budgets, how do you ensure your POP program is executed as intended?


Our centralized studio protects your brand’s integrity by ensuring master artwork is translated properly into final production-ready files. You gain the freedom and flexibility to partner with agencies of your choice, regardless of their level of production expertise, while we focus on maintaining your brand’s integrity throughout your program’s production life cycle. One of the primary functions of the Studio is adapting lead agency master art to final mechanical production files for every item within a promotional program. The benefits to you – faster turnaround times and reduced costs along with consistent, accurate file execution. Madden Studio also provides artwork customization: repurposing existing artwork for a new communication or local program. This process delivers quicker turnaround and overall reduced costs because we are able to pull previously produced assets directly from our asset repository. In addition, Madden’s Studio provides creative development from the ground up. From client brief to final mechanical assembly, we immerse your brand strategy into our creative process to ensure creative is aligned with your brand vision. Whether your program is occasion-based, involves a smaller budget, or your brand has no assigned agency of record (AOR), we’ll custom tailor a program to fit the needs of your brand.

  • The Madden Method Studio Services Time Savings File Proof Creation Approvals

  • The Madden Method Studio Services Reduction Pre-Flight Charges

  • The Madden Method Studio Services Cost Savings For Mechanical Assembly


  • Artwork Customization
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Ground Up Creative
  • Creative Strategy
  • Digital Media
  • Creative Retouching
  • 3D Rendering
  • Brand Standards Compliance