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The Madden Method

For nearly 60 years, we’ve honed a methodology that provides an innovative perspective into the promotional marketing and merchandising supply chain – synchronizing POP activity, integrating all elements of the supply chain and optimizing retail execution for our clients. We design solutions for promotionally driven companies across multiple industries with a focus in retail and consumer packaged goods. Our clients are companies with an extensive brand portfolio. With each brand having tens to hundreds of items per promotional cycle, numerous stakeholders and frequent changes, developing and executing retail promotions can be challenging. Include an ever-changing marketing landscape, increased workload and fewer resources to get the job done, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We provide expertise so our clients can stay focused on strategy, growth and winning.

SYNCHRONIZE We synchronize key stakeholders and promotional activity through the alignment of sales, planning, production and executional calendars. This gives you the ability to leverage spend across the organization, flexibility to make changes to your programs, and more time to react to shifts in the marketplace. By taking administrative tasks off your plate, you can focus on strategy, growth and staying ahead of the competition.

INTEGRATE We integrate all key elements of the POP supply chain through The Madden MethodSM. This brings a production, timing, logistics and execution perspective into every meeting, which minimizes costs and maximizes the ROI on your marketing spend. The end result – more visibility into the POP supply chain.

OPTIMIZE We optimize your retail execution through smart production, speed and flexibility. Smart production means understanding your business and how you operate. It’s about getting to know your customers and the challenges they face. The knowledge we gather in this process allows us to develop solutions that will help you execute efficiently and effectively at retail. The Madden MethodSM gives you more time to focus on brand strategies and growth opportunities in order to improve efficiency, execution and drive results in-store. With our five services working in tandem and our Client Services team at the helm, visibility on all fronts and reduced complexity come together to ensure real results – with metrics attached. Our stake is The Madden Promise. We stand behind what we do every single day.

Powerful Promise.

Predictable Results.

The Madden Promise guarantees a total process improvement that becomes more robust as a client’s engagement with us grows. This isn’t a result of cheaper pricing, but the integration of a process to leverage your spend across the organization.

Madden Promise guarantees a total process improvement