drives integration and visibility

Technology in the marketing world is changing at breakneck speed. As your company grows, so do your system needs. New products and more complex business models add strain to your systems and can require new systems. Pretty soon, you may have an accumulation of outdated systems that don’t interact with each other, making it difficult to focus on strategy, growth and winning. In order to succeed, it’s critical to have technology that enables you to have a clear line of sight into your marketing and merchandising programs. It’s the only way to ensure reliable execution and measure the impact of your programs at retail.


Our experience enables us to design solutions that simplify how you forecast demand, order promotional materials, track programs, job status and budgets, all while delivering meaningful data and insights to tell you how your programs perform at retail. Our technology solutions work in tandem to provide you with a comprehensive view of your promotional supply chain. Technology is only as effective as the people who make it work. That’s why our proven methodology marries our experienced Client Services team with innovative technology specifically designed to drive efficiency and visibility throughout the promotional supply chain. The result: faster decision-making that enables your business to grow.


  • Web and Mobile Application
  • Business Intelligence
  • Workflow and Project Management
  • Data Integrations

Our systems are fully integrated into the promotional supply chain, enabling greater insight into operational performance and return on marketing investment.

The Madden Method Technology Process Chart

The Madden MethodSM Delivers

Our experience and expertise uncover hidden insight to unlock growth.

Our integrated methodology enables clients to have more time to focus on brand strategies and growth opportunities that improve efficiency, execution and drive results in-store. See how Technology is integrated into The Madden MethodSM.