Staying Focused

matters because you want the win

Today, shoppers have so many choices and information at their fingertips. They’re looking to find the latest must-haves for the best deal. Yet the ultimate goal of shopper marketing remains the same—it is still about the strategies and tactics that influence in-store purchase decisions and drive sales.1 With a sea of brands competing for shoppers’ attention, it’s vital to effectively activate your brands at retail where 70% of purchase decisions are still made. However, staying focused on strategy, growth and winning in-store isn’t easy, especially when you’re faced with the daily demands of managing the POP process.


Even if your promotionally driven organization is prepared, there are many challenges to consider during the POP process. For example, you could have dispersed sales and marketing teams working to develop local and national marketing programs. These programs could have long planning cycles, short lead times or both. On top of that, they may need to be executed in a wide variety of store formats. Sound familiar? If so, you’re aware of the complexities involved when trying to win the battle at retail. But did you know these intricacies often result in missed day-one execution, duplicated efforts and increased costs? Not only that, these costs are often hidden and account for a majority of your total program costs. The bottom line – inefficiencies lead to unhealthy complexity and unnecessary costs. 1.!/

Imagine a world where you have support that enables you to anticipate and plan for challenges with each program. Nothing is hidden and there are no surprises. We provide you the visibility and accountability throughout the POP supply chain to help deliver increased efficiency, improved execution and total process improvement.

Visible Costs - Above the Water: POP Unit Cost | Warehousing | Distribution

Hidden Costs - Below the Water:

Fragmented Process Management | Timeline Accountability | Creative Revisions | Multiple Shipments for One Promotion | Rush Production Fees | Lack of Inventory Control | Out-of-Stocks | Sales Force Distractions | Ineffective Customer Service | Poor Database Management | Excessive Production | Expedited Freight

"Hidden" costs can account for 60%-85% of total system cost.

The Madden MethodSM Delivers

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Our integrated methodology enables clients to focus on brand strategies and growth opportunities in order to improve efficiency, execution and drive results in-store. See how our method to the madness provides the win.